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How to Copy Text from Images on Your iPhone?

Compared to Android, it is easy to copy text from any image on iPhone and use it or save it digitally. But some new iOS users don’t know how to extract text from any image on their mobile phones. If you are also facing this issue that you don’t know how you can copy the text from an image, then this blog is for you.

In this post, we will show you how to get text from iPhone (IOS) images with a step-by-step tutorial.


Methods for Extracting Text from an Image on iPhone


So, here we’ll talk about some methods that can help you extract text from an image in your iPhone.


1. Use the Live Text Feature

If you are using iPhone 8 or lower, then you can't access the live text feature of the iPhone. The reason is Apple only developed this feature on iOS 15 and above, which means it is available in all models, from iPhone 6s to iPhone XS and newer models.


Live Text is a feature that uses an on-device feature to identify text in photos and allows you to copy it from there. This feature uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology for this entire process (from scanning to extracting).


So, if you have an iPhone with iOS 15 or above, you can copy text from an image using the live text feature.


How to Use this iPhone Feature?

To use the live text feature, you first need to turn it on. Here is how you can turn on the live text feature and use it to copy text from an image.


  • To turn it on, go to your settings, and go to “General.”



  • Click on the “Language & Region”.



  • There you will see the option “Live Text” turn it on.



Now, you must turn on this feature. It’s the time you use it to pull text from the image.


  • Open the image in your iPhone Gallery “Photos App”.



  • Tap on the image from which you want to extract the text.



  • Hold on to the text or word in your image, and you're done. You can copy any text and use it wherever you want to.



This was all the full procedure of how to use the live text feature of the iPhone.


2.   Download a Third-Party Application

So, as you know, the live text feature was only available in iOS 15 or above, but what for those who don’t have it? What is the solution to copying text from an image for those who don’t have iOS 15?


Those who don’t have iOS 15 iPhones in their pocket can also use a third-party application on their mobile phones to copy text from images. Finding a good app when they are available in large numbers can be difficult, but our tool Image to Text Converter also provides an iOS application for its iPhone users called Image To Text.


You can download this app for free from your App Store and use it. The good thing about this app is it is fully free to use without any restrictions.


How to Use Image To Text to Copy Text from Images?

Here is the step-by-step process of how you can use the Image to text application to copy text from images.


  1. First, download the application from your App Store, and open it.

    Step 1

  2. It will show an interface and some steps, and you just must click on the “Next” and “Scan Image” buttons.

    screenshot 2

  3. It will then take you to the next page, where it will provide you with two options. One is “Take a Picture,” and the other is “Gallery”.
    If you already have the image in your iPhone gallery, then you can choose the “Gallery” option and choose the specific image.
    But if you have a physical document and want to copy text from it and send it to someone, then choose the “Take a Picture” option. It will open your iPhone’s camera, and you will be able to click the picture.

    Screenshot 3

  4. After the uploading process is complete, it will automatically scan the text in the image and give you the output from where you can download the text or copy it to the clipboard.

    screenshot 4


This is how you can use the Image to text iOS application to copy text from images.


Frequently Asked Questions

Moving on, here are some often-asked questions by users all over the world.


How to copy text from images on iOS 15?

If you are using iPhone with iOS 15, then you can use its prebuilt feature called "Live Text" which will help you copy text from any type of image in no time.


How to enable the live text feature in iOS 15?

To enable this feature, you simply must,

  1. go to your iPhone Settings>General>Language & Region.
  2. In Language & Region, scroll down, and you will see an option "Live Text," If it is turned off, then you must turn it on.
  3. It will allow you to copy text from any image in your phone's gallery.


How to copy text from images on Mac?

If you're using Mac (MacBook) and want to extract text from any image, then you can head over to the Image to text and paste the image into it. Or you can also download its MacBook application from your store and use it freely.



So, this blog was all about how to copy text from images on iPhone. We have explained each and everything here, and we have discussed ways that can help you extract text from images. If you are using iOS 15 or above, then you can use iPhone's live text feature to copy text. But, on the other hand, if you're using iPhone whose iOS is below 15, then the easy way to copy text from an image is by utilizing the Image to text application  and don't worry, the app will not cost you anything.

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