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This online Text to PDF converter free and accurately converts txt files to PDF formats. To use this tool, copy-paste text or select a .txt file to upload. Next, click on the Covert button to convert the text file with high accuracy.

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Text to PDF Converter

Text to PDF is an online tool used to transform text files into PDFs. It takes editable textual information and converts it into an unalterable format known as PDF. You can type text in the input box or upload the text files you want to convert.

How to Convert Text to PDF?

To convert your text documents into PDFs, follow these steps:

  1. Upload, Copy/Paste, or Drag your Txt file into the input box
  2. Format your text (BoldItalicUnderline) if necessary
  3. Click on the Convert Button.
  4. Let the tool process your input.
  5. Click on Download PDF File. That’s it

Your input text will be converted into a PDF file within seconds. You can access this PDF using a browser or PDF viewing software.

Why should I use this Txt to PDF converter?

The internet has a bunch of options when it comes to a Txt to PDF conversion. However, our tool provides some unique features to set us apart. These are given below:

100% Free to use

By using our tool, you can convert txt to PDF without having to pay a single dime. Many online tools have a certain fee or subscription. That is not the case with our tool. This service of ours is completely free. You don’t even have to create an account or log in to use this tool. You can start the conversion process when you reach the tool page.

Optimization Options

In TXT files, there is no option for customization. For example, you can not select the formatting pattern or italicize your text. But when you insert a TXT file into our tool, you will get all these options.

text formating opition

We offer the following text optimizations:

  • Align options
  • Indenting
  • Bold/Italicize/Underline

Multiple Input Methods

As hinted in the tool's working, the options for uploading text are vast. Our txt to PDF converter allows users to upload in the following ways:

  • Copy text from the txt file and paste it into the tool page.
  • Drag and Drop the txt file into the tool's input box.
  • Type text in the tool's input box yourself.

This provides users with a beginner-friendly atmosphere. In other words, your conversion process becomes streamlined with this.

Instant Conversion

The most notable feature of our tool is the instant conversion of files. Usually, such conversion takes time to analyze and process input. However, our text to PDF converter doesn’t take such excessive loading times. Your Txt file is converted into a PDF file as soon as you click convert. Based on your file size, the tool might take a few seconds. But mostly, this is not the case.

Formatting Preservation

The formatting used in the original text is preserved in the final output as well. For example, if your write-up is in the form of multiple paragraphs, it will stay that way in the PDF form. In other words, this tool can convert txt to PDF without losing formatting.

This conservation of formatting makes this online text to PDF converter the best among its competitors.

No Word Limit

Despite being free to use, this tool also has no word limits. This gives users a completely free experience. You can type in as many characters as you want, and the tool will convert it for you. And this doesn’t mean that if you insert excessive text, the tool won’t be able to convert it precisely. It doesn’t matter if the input text is worth one page or a hundred pages; conversion accuracy always remains 100%.


Here are some commonly asked questions about .txt To PDF converters.

How do I convert text to PDF?

For this, follow these steps:

  • Got to a text to PDF converter online.
  • Insert your text as per requirement.
  • Click on the Convert button.
  • Download the results in the form of a PDF File.

How to convert text to PDF in mobile?

Open a web browser on your mobile and search for a Txt to PDF converter. Upload your Txt file, Hit the Convert Button, and get the PDF file in output.

How to convert text messages to PDF in Android?

Follow these steps:

  1. Copy the text messages you want to convert.
  2. Insert them into an online txt to PDF converter.
  3. Click on the Convert Button.
  4. Download the PDF of copied text messages.

How do I convert copied text into PDF?

Simply Paste the copied text into the input box and Hit the Convert button to get your PDF file within a minute.

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