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QR Code Scanner

The QR code scanner is an online tool that allows users to efficiently decode QR codes from uploaded images. This tool has the ability to Read QR codes from images without the need for a physical scanner.n

What Does the QR Code Scanner do?

The QR code scanner takes an image of a QR code as an input and then extracts information from it. This means that if you upload an image containing a QR code, the tool will analyze it and perform the action that the QR is supposed to.

Scanning a QR code might generate a URL, provide contact information, or generate any sort of other text.

How to Use the QR Code Reader?

Using the QR Code Reader is quite simple. A detailed breakdown of its working is given in the following:

  1. First, go to the QR Code Scanner’s homepage.
  2. Then, upload the image with your QR code into the tool. The multiple ways of doing this include:
  • Uploading the image by browsing files.
  • Pasting a copied image using shortcut keys.
  • Inserting the URL of the image.
  • Uploading via Dropbox.
  • Dragging and dropping the image.
  1. Next, click on the ‘Convert’ button.
  2. After that, the information from the code will be displayed to you. If it is a link, you can go to it directly by clicking the redirect button. If it is textual information, you can copy it for later use.

This simple process of scanning allows you to effectively retrieve data from a QR code.

Why Use Our QR Code Scanner?

Our QR Code Scanner is one of the best in the market. Some of its features are given below:

1. Fast Extraction

The extraction of data from a QR code can take time. However, with our tool, it gets done within seconds. A QR code containing a URL will show up almost instantly after clicking ‘convert.’

2. Diverse Uploading Options

As we have talked about in the how-to section, users are given multiple options to upload their QR codes. This provides extra convenience to the users and makes their code-scanning process faster.

3. Quick Accessibility

Unlike other QR-scanning methods, this one is very accessible. You don’t require any sort of physical device to use it. You can simply access it on your laptop or even your mobile phone. Also, you don’t have to download anything, which makes things even simpler.

4. Free to Use

Another perk of using this online utility is that it is completely free to use. In other words, you can scan QR codes from images without spending money.

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