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An online PDF to text converter to extract text from PDF. Upload your PDF and get your text file instantly.

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PDF to Text Converter


Our online pdf to Text converter allows you to easily convert pdf to text files by using the advanced optical character recognition “OCR” technology.

It will extract text from pdf and give an option to download either Text or Word(Docx) file of the converted text.

How to convert PDF to Text?

To convert pdf to text free online, simply follow the below easy steps:

  1. Drag and Drop a file from the system
  2. Or, upload or paste the pdf file in the input box
  3. Verify the reCAPTCHA.
  4. Click the Submit button

The converter will quickly scan and extracts the readable text by using OCR and generate the editable text file in seconds.


How to copy text from PDF?

Did you ever wonder how to copy simple text from PDF documents?

We have the best solution for you. Our free pdf to text converter online allows you to copy text from pdf within a single click.

It converts pdf to OCR and allows you to copy the result text in real-time.

Furthermore, if you are wondering how to convert and copy any text from an image, then use our Image to text converter.

It uses the OCR technology to extract the readable text from any JPG/PNG file and provides an option to copy text from the clipboard in real-time.


Features of PDF to Text Converter

Following are some key features of PDF translator.

Different Files Uploading Features


  • Drag and Drop

To instantly convert pdf to text online, you can drag and drop pdf files from your system to the input with the mouse.

This will take very little time to change pdf to editable text and provide accurate results within seconds.

Drag and drop

  • Directly Upload Files

The pdf to text converter gives a useful feature to directly upload files in the input by using the Choose File button.

Directly upload

  • Copy & Paste Option

Apart from drag & drop, and files uploading, you can also copy and paste the pdf file you want to convert into the converter.

Use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste the pdf document in the tool without any hassle.


  • Upload Via Dropbox or URL

These features help you to upload pdf files from Dropbox and any other source available on the internet (Via URL).

Upload via URL


Extract Text with a Single Click

Our converter can quickly extract text from pdf files. It deeply scans the input documents and extracts the readable text by using the top-notch OCR technology. 

After scanning the readable text, it generates the accurate editable text file within a blink of an eye.


Copy to Clipboard

After converting pdf to text word, you can use this feature to copy text from pdf online in real-time.

copy yo clipboard

Redo Option

The redo feature restores the default settings of this pdf to text word converter and helps you to convert new pdf files.

redo opition

Download File

Our accurate tool turns your scanned pdf to text free and provides a quick option to download converted files either in TXT or DOC format.


Free and Secure

Now there is no need to buy expensive software to convert pdf to text documents.

Our OCR pdf to text converter is free and secure to use for all purposes. It values your privacy and doesn’t save or share your files with any other parties.


Uses of Our PDF to Text Converter

  • Saves Time and Effort

The pdf to text OCR saves your valuable time and increases your productivity.

It saves your time from retyping lengthy pdf documents and generates quick results.

  • Makes Files Editable

Our online converter makes files editable so that you can directly edit the text without any hurdle.

  • Easily Accessible

This online converter is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. It helps you to copy text from pdf files online simply by using a smart device.

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